About Us

GIBBY was started due to our frustrations as we faced repeated familiar situations in the past:

  • Wish we could simply order that particular new cool stuffs from Japan or other country because they are not available in Indonesia and will probably never come to Indonesia.
  • Want to buy that famous food from Medan or other cities, but they don’t deliver nor ship their products to Jakarta. The only option was to wait for someone we know that goes there and ask them to buy it for us.
  • Friends asking us to get some stuff (oleh-oleh titipan) from places we are travelling to.
  • Went out travelling, and realized that we forgot to bring something important; and wish that someone can help bring it for us urgently on the next flight or so.

GIBBY in 2016 then began to create a mobile application for Personal Shopper or Jastip (Jasa-Titip) where travellers/sellers (we call them Gibsters) can help obtain stuffs for Requesters from everywhere in the world in a much faster turnaround time and at cheaper cost. After several changes and pivotings, we began by helping the Gibsters to be able to offer interesting items for sale through a Live Shop whilst Requesters can browse and make the purchase. All is done within a pre-determined duration of the Live Shop.

GIBBY’s Mission is to bring offline stores to your doorstep with a hint of personal touch