Yoga for the inflexible

Yoga for the inflexible ✨ One of the biggest misconceptions I hear about yoga is that it’s for flexible people. “I don’t practice yoga, I can’t even touch my toes”. 🤔🤔🤔 So here’s why it might be a good idea. Yoga for the inflexible will for one.. make you flexible. If you feel inflexible you probably have tighter or more stiff muscles. This may be because you have a sedentary lifestyle or because you are super active and maybe even exhausting the muscles (or somewhere in between the two extremes). Either way the great thing about yoga is that it too has a spectrum and types of practices. If you feel you are not moving enough and would like to feel more ease and fluidity in your body, moving freely and with more mobility, try a slow flow or a vinyasa flow. These are dynamic classes that will improve your blood flow and circulation, brining more oxygen to your cells. If you are quite active, maybe lifting weights or playing a sport regularly, you may need to give your muscles a recovery treat! Try a yin or restorative class to stretch out your deep tissues and give your muscles and mind a chance to restore. Your training will thank you for it👌🏽 If you are new to the practice, it may challenge the type of atmosphere, pace or attitude you are used to having in other group sessions which may be beneficial to understand or discover a new side of yourself!

Legging Yoga
Legging Yoga

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Getting better everyday....

Rp Have to get rid of the strange face I’m making to control my legs and get them closer to my head! 🤣 but it’s getting better everyday.... #armbalance #yoga #pinchamayurasana #elbowstand #dancer #bharatanatyamdancer #progress #slowandsteady

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